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by Liz O'Byrne - for™

As you browse through our extensive collection of, you will find the perfect baby photo announcements to showcase your new baby. Perhaps, however, you would prefer to use a different introduction than the one shown in our sample. Or you might want to add words where none exist in the sample design. Or you might want to remove introductory words altogether and let your photos, names and birth stats stand on their own for a clean, contemporary effect. No problem! The graphic designers at PhotoAffections can easily add, subtract, or modify words - that is, we carefully customize your baby announcements to suit your wording preferences. Just let us know when you place your order!

Choose wording on an announcement that matches your personality and individual sense of style. Many new moms like to keep things light and fun, while others prefer a somewhat more formal approach. To help you decide exactly how to word your cards, we've compiled a list of the introductions used in our designs. Following that is a second, more extensive list, which includes other options you might want to consider. You'll notice that the majority of the introductions on both lists are brief. That's because we firmly believe in maintaining proper balance between the photos, design elements, and wording on birth announcements. Wording should never overpower what you want people to notice first...that perfect face of your baby!

Introductions used in PhotoAffections' sample designs:

  • Introducing...
  • Introducing our latest addition
  • Introducing the arrival of...
  • It's a Boy! / It's a Girl!
  • Our beautiful baby boy / baby girl has arrived
  • Our beautiful daughter / son has arrived
  • Our new love has arrived
  • Someone tiny, someone sweet, we would like for you to meet
  • Welcoming...
  • We proudly welcome...
  • We welcome with love...
  • Welcome to the world, little one
  • Welcoming our new baby boy / girl
  • With great joy, we introduce...
  • With love we introduce...

Additional suggested introductions

Here's a list of suggested alternatives; some are informal and fun, others are a bit more formal or traditional. The choice is entirely up to you -- depending on the mood you want to create on your photo birth announcements!

  • A heaven-sent child has joined our grateful family
  • A little bit of heaven just came our way
  • A new little hand for us to hold
  • A treasure....
  • Beautiful beginnings...
  • Celebrating our newest arrival
  • Cutie pie!
  • Dad has someone new to watch football with!
  • Daddy's learning to change diapers!
  • Daddy's new best friend
  • Dreams really do come true!
  • God has sent us a new love
  • God has surely blessed us
  • Here at last!
  • Introducing our new little angel
  • Join us in welcoming...
  • Just look at those dimples!
  • Look who dropped in!
  • Look who's finally here!
  • Look who's saying "Hi!" to the world...
  • Meet the newest member of our clan
  • Mommy's sweet little angel
  • Our bright and bouncy bundle
  • Our family has grown by two feet
  • Our hearts are filled with happiness
  • Our horizons have expanded
  • Our little bundle of joy!
  • Our lives are changing forever!
  • Our lives are filled with love
  • Our lives are so much richer
  • Our loving family welcomes...
  • Our new little princess
  • Our prayers have been answered
  • Our tiny miracle...
  • Please meet the newest member of our family
  • Precious beyond compare...
  • Proudly announcing...
  • She's got us wrapped around her little finger!
  • She's such a beauty
  • Someone new to love
  • Sweet baby sunshine...
  • The newest "star" in our lives
  • There's a new love in our life
  • We are delighted to announce the birth of...
  • We joyfully announce the birth of our son / daughter ...
  • We welcome with loving arms
  • We're ecstatic!
  • We've been blessed with...
  • What a handsome little man!

When there are other children in family:

  • Big sister/brother (sibling's name) has a new little hand to hold
  • (Sibling's name)'s new playmate


  • Two sets of hands, two sets of eyes. Twins are such a delightful surprise
  • We happily announce the birth of our twins
  • Two little darlings were delivered to u
  • Twice as much fun!
  • We've been doubly blessed!
  • Double the diapers, double the pins...
  • It's Twins!

You'll probably know immediately which introduction is right for your custom birth announcement cards - which one best reflects "the real you." Once again: be careful not to put too many words on your cards. Being too wordy can make your announcements look crowded and detract from what's important -- your baby's adorable face and the pertinent details about his or her birth.

So have fun and go with your instincts!