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Photo Birth Announcements: Planning Ahead

by Liz O'Byrne - for PhotoAffections™

You're going to have a lot on your plate once your little one arrives. What can you do ahead of time to make the photo birth announcement process a smooth one?

Like almost everything else in life, if pays to be prepared! Wise new Moms have everything picked out ahead of time. They need only to type in the details, and then capture just the "perfect" photo of their latest addition. Submitting an order is a snap with, and your baby announcements order will speed its way to you in just a few days.

Having decisions made in advance makes sending memorable birth announcement cards a surprisingly painless process. One crucial point: Dad needs to be involved ­ before an order is placed. Once you've narrowed your selections down to a few favorites, run them past him for his opinion. We have plenty of options that will appeal to you both!

The most energy-saving steps you can take before the big day are to create a mailing list , and pre-address your envelopes . Don't wait until the last minute if at all possible, as it may well take more time and thought than you imagine compiling a list of names and addresses. Most likely you'll find your Mom and Grandmother to be valuable sources of information for this task.

Once you have a pretty good idea how many photo baby announcements you'll need (and it's always best to estimate a little on the high side, just in case!), you can easily preorder envelopes from . Having these on hand will allow you to conveniently spread the job out over time, or even get assistance from generous friends if you have a particularly large mailing list.

It's no longer necessary to address your envelopes by hand; you can, if you like, of course, for a traditional touch (if you have good penmanship!), but your personal computer will make short work of that. It's a good idea, too, to have enough postage stamps on hand. For an extra-special touch, choose stamps that are fun, colorful or playful -- something appropriate for a new baby that will convey your happy mood. Dad could be right in his element stamping all those envelopes, too!

To summarize, doing your homework ahead of time will go a long way towards reducing your stress level once you finally arrive home with that new little bundle of joy. Try to have your favorite birth announcement designs already identified, and have that mailing list ready to go. Best case: be a really smart new Mom! Have your envelopes already addressed, stamped and ready to toss in the mailbox as soon as that gorgeous photo birth announcement is ready to slip inside. Being prepared will help ensure that you can devote your full attention to getting to know the newest member of your loving family!

Ready to get started? Order your envelopes today!

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